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Q: What differentiates Jankowski Construction, Ltd. from other local builders?
A: We place the utmost value on our staff of full-time employees. We’re known for our unbeatable team longevity. Ask each builder you’re considering how many of his field crew are full-time employees (not just on the payroll) and how long they have been with him as such. Reliable team consistency = Reliable quality consistency. Remember, good employees seek good businesses, and smart bosses try hard to retain them!

Q: Does Jankowski Construction handle any size project?
A: Yes. We handle projects of all sizes and for all budgets. Each client is given the same personalized attention to detail. The systems we have in place keep every project running smoothly, on schedule and on budget. All clients are given a confidential site for viewing progress photos and messages.

Q: Are all builders good remodelers (renovators)?
A: Remodeling (renovation) is truly a discipline unto its own. It is much more challenging than new home construction. It takes a true and experienced craftsman with patience, keener organizational skills, quick judgment and problem solving skills (surprises may be encountered hourly), engineering savvy and creativity to succeed.

Q: What references should we ask for?
A: Ask for testimonials from clients, architects and designers who have worked with the builder. We can offer a list of references from as far away as Massachusetts, San Diego, Florida, Crown Point and Chicago as well as families and associates who have lived here for generations.

Q: Customer Loyalty is an indicator of jobs well done…how do you check this?
A: Ask for references from clients who have had builders return for additional projects throughout the years. Also, ask clients if they have referred the builder to others. A large portion of our work comes from repeat customers and referrals. We are proud to be their "trusted advisors”. Our goal is to exceed your expectations from start to finish and remain your builder for life.

Q: What is important for prospective clients to consider when comparing builders’ quality

A: Call backs! We get virtually no call backs and our clients will attest to this. Our homes are built right the first time. Some of the most important parts of your home are things you won’t see from the road…quality of the site work, foundation, framing components, systems and products that make your house healthy, energy efficient and built to last for generations!"Never judge a book by its cover” has never been so true as in construction. Craftsmanship trumps salesmanship! It is imperative that home owners talk to county zoning enforcement officers, building inspectors, trades subcontractors, abstract companies and banks who have had contact with all the local builders…find out who they respect and who builds properly from the ground up. We don’t just build sound homes, we build peace of mind.

Q: Why use a local builder?
A: Besides supporting the local economy of the community in which you have chosen to live, established contractors understand the idiosyncrasies of their individual communities, be it local building codes, scheduling and delivery systems of materials, or preferred suppliers and subs. Our homes are built with pride by families who live here and knowing that we are just minutes away can be a comfort to you and your guests.

Q: We’ve heard that homeowners can get several bids on a plan and one can be dramatically less expensive. How can that be?
A: "You get what you pay for” is an important adage to remember here. Some builders substitute lesser quality materials to bring their bids down and impress clients. They may also hire cheaper, less well trained, itinerant crew or not build to code. Again, the safest thing you can do is check references from previous, local clients and building inspectors. Was a builder called back to fix serious defects? Were inspections passed without code issues? If there were problems, did the builder solve them immediately at no cost to the homeowner or did it go to court? Also, verify that any builder you’re considering is properly licensed and insured.

Q: What’s "new” in construction?
A: Today’s buzz words are ”Focus on Energy” and "Green Building” which center around energy efficiency and reducing one’s "carbon footprint”, and "Aging-In-Place” and "Universal Design” which concern making our homes accessible and comfortable for all ages and special needs. The construction industry is ever-evolving. New standards are created, new guidelines are established and technology is improved each year to make homes safer, less expensive, and more efficient. In order to stay current with these trends our staff takes continuing education courses, studies up-to-date trade literature, belongs to builders’ associations and attends national conferences. Talk with us about customizing your home with current concepts.

Q: We will be building from a distance…Is this difficult?
A: Not at all. Our past clients can attest to the streamlining of our building process. Of course, communication is key. Clients have direct access to Mike, Julie and associates 24/7 via cell phone and the internet. Photos and messages are posted regularly on each owner’s private site. Clients are given ample guidance thru the planning and materials selection phases and advised on how to stay on schedule and on budget. We’re here to give you as much assistance as you require to keep your adventure enjoyable!


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Quality and service are the two most important factors to consider when building. Budget with these in mind. Selecting the right builder is a very important and personal decision. In the end, there must be a close and trusting relationship between all parties.

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